Training & Development



We don’t want to sound all parental, but learning is good. It’s what we do every day. From each other, from our players, from success, from failure. It’s how we get better. And it’s why training and development plays a massive part in our student programmes


Bite-sized breakfast briefings

These early morning learning sessions occur every fortnight. It’s a chance to meet one of our leaders, or someone who’s an expert in their field, to learn more about what they do and broaden your understanding of how the King business works. Be early. The croissants go fast.


Career coaching conversations

You might wake up one day and think, ‘what next?’ If you do, that’s when you turn to an experienced career coach who will help you define your longer-term goals. Our career coaches use state-of-the-art psychometric tools and are experts at getting you to think about what makes you tick and where you want to be in the future.


Delicious development workshop

We like to bring all our students together for a one-day development workshop. It’s a chance to meet your Kingtern cousins from other countries, share your experiences and learn alongside your peers. For undergraduates, the focus is on working with others and playing to your strengths. For MBAs, it’s all about learning how to lead at King. And, yes, we supply food.